Monday, September 29, 2008

Living Cheaper - What to Wear

Clothing is one area where money can be saved and put towards your saving account or into your managed fund. Learn how... Mix and match clothing is what saves you heaps when it comes to clothing. If you make sure you buy from just a few colour ranges, then everything you have will go with everything else. Experts advise the black, white, gray and beige range, but it these colours don't suit your skin type coloured tops will go with most black, grey or beige bottoms.

Basic items for the working girl are blazer, coat, dress, trousers and skirt. Shoes and bag will also be needed of course, and buying one good quality bag is better than half a dozen cheap ones. It will always look smart and go with everything if you choose a toning colour. Shoes need not break the bank. But buying reasonable quality will save you in the long run because they will last longer and feel more comfortable.

If you have three pairs of shoes for each season you can wear them turn about and so look smart all the time. You don't need to limit yourself to wearing a suit all the time; separates are more fashionable. And if you air a suit after wearing it for one day, there is no need to have it dry-cleaned quite as often.

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