Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Benefits of High Interest Savings Accounts

The main benefit of a high interest savings accounts of course, is that the higher interest rate gives you a better return on your money. Traditionally, interest rates for savings accounts have not been very high, but with the advent and popularity of online-only accounts that offer such great rates and no fees, banks have been forced to re-think what they offer their customers in an effort to keep them.

To be able to get a good return on your money is paramount, but just as important is low or no risk, and low or no fees. Many high interest accounts have minimal fees, or you can keep them down by limiting your transaction number per month. This makes them ideal for business savings.

However, convenience is also a consideration. While many customers left their traditional banks to take advantage of the better interest rates elsewhere, it may not have been nearly as convenient to have their assets divided because they may have term deposits elsewhere. If they wanted to transfer money from one to another, it would take some days before the deed was finalized in real time, even though it was done so quickly online. These customers would be pleased to see that banks now offer high interest savings accounts with the convenience of having your other accounts at the same bank.

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